Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey Cake



I made this cake mainly for my brother, and his family coming to visit. I used a recipe, originally for cupcakes and doubled the recipe to come out with a good amount of cake. I used, whiskey buttercream frosting to dirty ice the cake, and to fill in between the cake layers. I’m still pretty new with covering cakes in fondant so I did end up with a few cracks. I used RKT for the bottle neck, and let me just say this was the first bottle neck I’ve made, so it turned out a little funny. The I tried what’s called a buttercream transfer to get the label of the bottle onto the cake. I was a little nervous with the technique, so there were a few air bubbles, but now I know I can apply a little more pressure without fear. It’s all a learning experience. I am very happy with how yet another first attempt turned out, and I can’t wait to apply the techniques I learned to other cakes, and eventually, another go at this one!


Photo By: Patrick Burke Photography


Recipe found here: http://www.creative-culinary.com/jack-daniels-honey-whiskey-cupcakes-with-a-bourbon-drizzle/


Turkey Cake for Thanksgiving – 2013


So for Thanksgiving this year I decided to bake and decorate a turkey cake for a family get together! Inspired by Buddy Valastro’s turkey cake, I thought I would give it a try. I’m not going to lie, it did not start off too well, I ran into some obstacles, but despite those, I worked around them and gave it my best shot. I am pretty pleased with how the cake turned out considering this was my first turkey cake. This was a homemade, from scratch, red velvet cake with chocolate fudge icing as a filling. I used decorator’s buttercream to dirty ice it as well as for the “feathers” and the neck/head of the turkey. I started the process at around 8:30-9pm after I got off of work, and I had finished it by 2:30-3am. That includes, creating the mix, baking time, cooling time, and decorating time. The family loved it, and the kids got a kick out of it, one of the little girls even called dibs on the  entire neck/head! Needless to say she was on a pretty good sugar buzz after that. 

Remember that even though today was a day for giving thanks, you should always take some time out in the “average” day to do the same. Hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and ate until your heart’s content!


Photo Cred: Patrick Burke Photography