Happy Holidays!

For a Christmas celebration I made a new desert that I haven’t tried before. I made a vanilla buttercream cake roll, covered in white chocolate and a few cutesy snowflake toppers. It was a fairly simple process, and to make it even better I got to use my brand new kitchen aid stand mixer that I received for Christmas! That mixer is going to change the whole game for me, considering I’ve been mixing everything by hand.

cake roll

On a side note, going into the new year I’m very excited to see what kind of baked goods I’ll be tackling. I’ve still got a couple of cakes that I haven’t posted yet, so that’ll be something for me to work on!

Hoping everyone has had a wonderful Christmas; and goes into the new year full of optimism and hope!



Sooo…I’ve been neglecting posting on my blog because I’m a tad bit lazy. I was doing pretty good until I went on vacation, then once I got back it’s been hard to get back into the swing of things. My dad graduated from college, and the graduation was in Orange Beach, AL. First off, it was beautiful; not to mention we stayed on the beach with a balcony over looking it. Now that’s something I could wake up to every morning! We stayed for a week, and got to do a lot of things, but relax along the way. Drinks at the beach bar, a local spot on the water where people bring their pups and just hangout and have a good time. A little bit of shopping and a lot of sand.

Chelsea's Iphone 1214 103

Along with my dad, and myself, both of his brother’s and one of their wives came along. Which was really nice since I don’t get to see them that often considering the distance between us.

Chelsea's Iphone 1214 275

Going on vacation when you’re small compared to being an adult is such a huge difference, mainly because you might run into some stress doing the actual traveling, but while you are on vacation you tend to notice yourself appreciating that moment more than you would have. With all the worries, and obstacles life gives us it’s nice to be able to just really be in that moment.

Chelsea's Iphone 1214 183

Not to mention watching my dad graduate with his bachelors really made me proud, he’s lived a life that’s not the “norm” living overseas most of my life, and working on countless numbers of airplanes. He  served in the military until his body couldn’t really do it anymore. Yet, after all of that he still went after something that, to a lot of people may just seem like a piece of paper, but to him it was a huge accomplishment. All that he had to overcome to stick to it, and to just do it, you could see the pride, which he deserves, no question.

Chelsea's Iphone 1214 194Chelsea's Iphone 1214 223

I guess my point is that, even after all the things life may hand you, or all the trial and error you will face. You can still go after your dreams, and you can capture them. It’ll take a lot of stress, and heartache but it’ll be worth it once you are in that moment, with it in your hand. Then you can be that inspirational push that someone else may need after losing sight of something they’ve always wanted.

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It’s always a wild thing to go on vacation, and before you know it you’ve been back at work for a few weeks. Just enjoy the moment you’re in, and be someone’s inspiration.


If you read this long ass thing, thanks! Hope you found some form of entertainment or interest in it. I’m working on getting a lot of my cake pictures to post later on, but what can I say? Vacation is just part of the journey!

Living in Puppy Love

Chelsea's Iphone Pics 446For the past few weeks, I’ve been totally neglecting my blog posts. Our beautiful boxer, Misty (aka Bear, Nini, NarNar, Princess; many more) had 3 beautiful puppies, and that’s where I’ve been, watching these sweet babes grow! They are currently coming up on 3 1/2 weeks old, and coming into their little personalities; and their voices. Two boys, and one girl (we’re keeping the little girl :D) For now, we’ve given them all names..

Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 057WWE-Payback-Rusev-vs-Big-EThis little guy we’ve named, Rusev after the WWE wrestler. It’s because not only is he the biggest of the 3 but he’s also a dominant little shit talker! He is brindle with with accents, a total cutie pie! He is a very good protector of his little brother, and sister.

Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 052ad8ec44f4f709905ebff2904b3adThis one we’ve dubbed Furious Pete “Petey” mainly because like the human Furious Pete, he is a master of devouring food! Since day 1 he has been, well, furious to get to the milk and I’m pretty sure if there was a timed competition to see which pup could take on the most milk, he would be #1! He is a such a sweet boy; and very loving towards his little sister! He’s also a flashy (white around the neck) puppy.

Chelsea's Iphone Pics 451Last but not least is little, Bailey May! We didn’t name her after anyone, but she’s been through a tough little trial. She was born last, and is the runt of the 3 pups. We had to bottle feed her for the first few days of her life. She had trouble breathing when she was born, and she wouldn’t eat on her own. But we’ve had a vet tell us that her little heart is strong, and considering they’re 3 weeks in, she’s kicking ass in the growing department! She is up walking around, eating on her own; and playing with her brothers!

So now you’ll need to excuse my blog post for filling up your screen with puppy cuteness!

Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 084Chelsea's Iphone Pics 472Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 017Chelsea's Iphone Pics 447Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 058Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 087Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 085Chelsea's Iphone Pics 448Chelsea's Iphone Pics 463Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 015Chelsea's Iphone Pics 462Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 018Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 027Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 028Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 016Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 032

These pups have been such a blessing, and mommy and babies are all doing fine! I hope this brightened up your day, I know it does mine 🙂 Also be on the look out for new cake posts..considering I’ve been hoarding  the pictures since the pups were born!

Captain Spaulding Birthday Cake – July 2014

Devils Rejects Cake

So, my sister called me one day saying she wanted to get a cake made for one of her good friend’s birthday! I asked what his interests were and she told me that he loves the movie, “The Devil’s Rejects” so since Captain Spaulding is a key point character, not to mention creepy/wild looking we went with him as the focal point of the cake. The cake itself was half chocolate, and half vanilla with vanilla frosting. The stripes are fondant, and the Captain himself is a butter-cream transfer. I really, really love how clean he came out, and pretty proud of myself considering how much detail he has, plus my sister really wanted me to “capture the crazy in his eyes” so, I did my best to do just that. Instead of just having the typical “Happy Birthday” I went with “Happy Tutti F#@!& Fruity Birthday” which really just adds to the theme of the cake itself.

I was extremely happy with how it turned out, and not to mention this was my first crime/thiller inspired order! So when I get to step outside of the box with ideas, and designs it’s always an exciting process! From what I was told he was super happy with the cake and he had a great birthday! To any of you Rob Zombie, or Devil’s Rejects fans I hope I made you proud! 🙂


Thanks for checking out my blog!! xoxo




Photo By: Patrick Burke Photography



Daniel Bryan Birthday Cake – July 2014

Daniel Bryan Cake

For a wrestling fan’s birthday, I baked an extremely yummy lemon on lemon cake! A subtle, yet fun cake, inspired by one of the best pro wrestlers in the world, Daniel Bryan! This cake turned out to be quite a challenge to make (surprising for such a simple design, right?) well, it was extremely hot in our house that day, and I couldn’t work quick enough to get it to hold together, well, before the icing decided to melt 🙂 So it was very exciting, need I say more? 

Anyways, the cake ended up turning out good! It stayed together, and didn’t totally melt all together 🙂 He was very happy with it, and it was a total surprise! His sneaky little wifey (aka Brizee) surprised him, I’m glad I was able to push through the heat and come out with a cute/fun birthday cake!

Joint Birthday Cake – July 2014

FUll Rozen Cars CakeFor a special birthday for a little boy, and a little girl I was asked to make something that includes both of their favorite movies! For the boy we went with the theme Cars, and for the girl Frozen! Both movies I personally enjoy, and find to be super adorable! The cake itself is chocolate, with vanilla frosting. carsfrozen cakeFor the Cars side, I went with a nice drive through the desert. All covered in icing, with fondant accents. The “dirt” is brown sugar, and on top we have the one and only Lightning McQueen!!carsfrozen cake_2For the Frozen side I went with the simple, winter wonderland, and put snow on the “ground” as well as around the edges of the cake. If you can see them there are a couple of snowballs lying around. Topped with my personal favorite character, Olaf! 

The cake was super fun to make, and a pretty simple design. I’m very happy with how it turned out, and I was told that they all loved the cake, which is not only the most important part, but one of the best feelings to have for making cakes for someone’s special day!

 I hope everyone has a “baked” day! 🙂 


Photo Credit: Patrick Burke Photography

‘Murica Cake – July 2014

Tim's Retirement Cake

So this past Saturday, I had this cake planned out for an annual family get together! Technically it was celebrating my brother’s retirement from the military. He has kicked ass and taken names is what he does, and I’m proud to say he’s my brother. The reaction I got from the cake was amazing, everyone was just in awe and it really just made me smile. There’s nothing better than seeing the reaction to a cake or anything really that you put your everything into! 

image (1)The eagle head itself was my biggest source of accomplishment. With a lot of my cakes I try to do something that I haven’t done on other cakes, some I do repeat techniques. But, if I get the chance to really step out of my comfort zone I will. The Eagle head is made completely out of homemade rice krispie treats, and then covered in satin ice fondant. I made him a couple days in advance to give any room any any possible issues (ex.beak falls off) This is the biggest “Sculpture” I’ve tackled so far, and I was very happy with how he turned out! A few of the feather tips did break in transport but overall he made it just fine!

image (2)The cake itself is a 3 later homemade chocolate cake, with chocolate fudge frosting. I made a maraschino cherry filling for the layers and it turned out delicious!I got the filling recipe from here >>http://www.barbarabakes.com/2011/01/old-fashioned-chocolate-cake-with-maraschino-cherry-filling/ 

imageEveryone said they loved the cake from the taste to the decoration of it all! I was so happy with how this turned out and I got this crazy thought in my that that “maybe I know what I’m doing after all” 😀 I hope you all who check in on my blog will find my journey interesting at least, being self taught is an exciting, and sometimes nerve wrecking journey. But I’m loving every minute of it! 



Photo Cred: Patrick Burke Photography