Sooo…I’ve been neglecting posting on my blog because I’m a tad bit lazy. I was doing pretty good until I went on vacation, then once I got back it’s been hard to get back into the swing of things. My dad graduated from college, and the graduation was in Orange Beach, AL. First off, it was beautiful; not to mention we stayed on the beach with a balcony over looking it. Now that’s something I could wake up to every morning! We stayed for a week, and got to do a lot of things, but relax along the way. Drinks at the beach bar, a local spot on the water where people bring their pups and just hangout and have a good time. A little bit of shopping and a lot of sand.

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Along with my dad, and myself, both of his brother’s and one of their wives came along. Which was really nice since I don’t get to see them that often considering the distance between us.

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Going on vacation when you’re small compared to being an adult is such a huge difference, mainly because you might run into some stress doing the actual traveling, but while you are on vacation you tend to notice yourself appreciating that moment more than you would have. With all the worries, and obstacles life gives us it’s nice to be able to just really be in that moment.

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Not to mention watching my dad graduate with his bachelors really made me proud, he’s lived a life that’s not the “norm” living overseas most of my life, and working on countless numbers of airplanes. He  served in the military until his body couldn’t really do it anymore. Yet, after all of that he still went after something that, to a lot of people may just seem like a piece of paper, but to him it was a huge accomplishment. All that he had to overcome to stick to it, and to just do it, you could see the pride, which he deserves, no question.

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I guess my point is that, even after all the things life may hand you, or all the trial and error you will face. You can still go after your dreams, and you can capture them. It’ll take a lot of stress, and heartache but it’ll be worth it once you are in that moment, with it in your hand. Then you can be that inspirational push that someone else may need after losing sight of something they’ve always wanted.

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It’s always a wild thing to go on vacation, and before you know it you’ve been back at work for a few weeks. Just enjoy the moment you’re in, and be someone’s inspiration.


If you read this long ass thing, thanks! Hope you found some form of entertainment or interest in it. I’m working on getting a lot of my cake pictures to post later on, but what can I say? Vacation is just part of the journey!


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