Living in Puppy Love

Chelsea's Iphone Pics 446For the past few weeks, I’ve been totally neglecting my blog posts. Our beautiful boxer, Misty (aka Bear, Nini, NarNar, Princess; many more) had 3 beautiful puppies, and that’s where I’ve been, watching these sweet babes grow! They are currently coming up on 3 1/2 weeks old, and coming into their little personalities; and their voices. Two boys, and one girl (we’re keeping the little girl :D) For now, we’ve given them all names..

Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 057WWE-Payback-Rusev-vs-Big-EThis little guy we’ve named, Rusev after the WWE wrestler. It’s because not only is he the biggest of the 3 but he’s also a dominant little shit talker! He is brindle with with accents, a total cutie pie! He is a very good protector of his little brother, and sister.

Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 052ad8ec44f4f709905ebff2904b3adThis one we’ve dubbed Furious Pete “Petey” mainly because like the human Furious Pete, he is a master of devouring food! Since day 1 he has been, well, furious to get to the milk and I’m pretty sure if there was a timed competition to see which pup could take on the most milk, he would be #1! He is a such a sweet boy; and very loving towards his little sister! He’s also a flashy (white around the neck) puppy.

Chelsea's Iphone Pics 451Last but not least is little, Bailey May! We didn’t name her after anyone, but she’s been through a tough little trial. She was born last, and is the runt of the 3 pups. We had to bottle feed her for the first few days of her life. She had trouble breathing when she was born, and she wouldn’t eat on her own. But we’ve had a vet tell us that her little heart is strong, and considering they’re 3 weeks in, she’s kicking ass in the growing department! She is up walking around, eating on her own; and playing with her brothers!

So now you’ll need to excuse my blog post for filling up your screen with puppy cuteness!

Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 084Chelsea's Iphone Pics 472Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 017Chelsea's Iphone Pics 447Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 058Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 087Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 085Chelsea's Iphone Pics 448Chelsea's Iphone Pics 463Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 015Chelsea's Iphone Pics 462Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 018Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 027Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 028Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 016Chelsea's IPhone pics 2 032

These pups have been such a blessing, and mommy and babies are all doing fine! I hope this brightened up your day, I know it does mine 🙂 Also be on the look out for new cake posts..considering I’ve been hoarding  the pictures since the pups were born!


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