Captain Spaulding Birthday Cake – July 2014

Devils Rejects Cake

So, my sister called me one day saying she wanted to get a cake made for one of her good friend’s birthday! I asked what his interests were and she told me that he loves the movie, “The Devil’s Rejects” so since Captain Spaulding is a key point character, not to mention creepy/wild looking we went with him as the focal point of the cake. The cake itself was half chocolate, and half vanilla with vanilla frosting. The stripes are fondant, and the Captain himself is a butter-cream transfer. I really, really love how clean he came out, and pretty proud of myself considering how much detail he has, plus my sister really wanted me to “capture the crazy in his eyes” so, I did my best to do just that. Instead of just having the typical “Happy Birthday” I went with “Happy Tutti F#@!& Fruity Birthday” which really just adds to the theme of the cake itself.

I was extremely happy with how it turned out, and not to mention this was my first crime/thiller inspired order! So when I get to step outside of the box with ideas, and designs it’s always an exciting process! From what I was told he was super happy with the cake and he had a great birthday! To any of you Rob Zombie, or Devil’s Rejects fans I hope I made you proud! 🙂


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Photo By: Patrick Burke Photography




Daniel Bryan Birthday Cake – July 2014

Daniel Bryan Cake

For a wrestling fan’s birthday, I baked an extremely yummy lemon on lemon cake! A subtle, yet fun cake, inspired by one of the best pro wrestlers in the world, Daniel Bryan! This cake turned out to be quite a challenge to make (surprising for such a simple design, right?) well, it was extremely hot in our house that day, and I couldn’t work quick enough to get it to hold together, well, before the icing decided to melt 🙂 So it was very exciting, need I say more? 

Anyways, the cake ended up turning out good! It stayed together, and didn’t totally melt all together 🙂 He was very happy with it, and it was a total surprise! His sneaky little wifey (aka Brizee) surprised him, I’m glad I was able to push through the heat and come out with a cute/fun birthday cake!