Joint Birthday Cake – July 2014

FUll Rozen Cars CakeFor a special birthday for a little boy, and a little girl I was asked to make something that includes both of their favorite movies! For the boy we went with the theme Cars, and for the girl Frozen! Both movies I personally enjoy, and find to be super adorable! The cake itself is chocolate, with vanilla frosting. carsfrozen cakeFor the Cars side, I went with a nice drive through the desert. All covered in icing, with fondant accents. The “dirt” is brown sugar, and on top we have the one and only Lightning McQueen!!carsfrozen cake_2For the Frozen side I went with the simple, winter wonderland, and put snow on the “ground” as well as around the edges of the cake. If you can see them there are a couple of snowballs lying around. Topped with my personal favorite character, Olaf! 

The cake was super fun to make, and a pretty simple design. I’m very happy with how it turned out, and I was told that they all loved the cake, which is not only the most important part, but one of the best feelings to have for making cakes for someone’s special day!

 I hope everyone has a “baked” day! 🙂 


Photo Credit: Patrick Burke Photography


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