Birthday Cake For My Babe – July 2014

HIM Cake

This past Saturday I got to make a very special birthday cake for a very special person in my life! My own personal comedian, biggest supporter, my bestfriend, and best of all my love for the past 6 years of my life. He chose to have a vanilla cake, with chocolate fudge, and walnut filling. The “theme” was a HIM inspired cake! He has been a huge supporter of HIM longer then I’ve known him. I used an image from one of their album covers. I did a buttercream transfer for the nun, and vanilla icing.


It got a little crazy at one point, because I was actually working on an additional cake while I was doing this, so I flip flopped back and forth. My poor kitchen looks like a tornado hit it! Then while I was trying to ice it, our AC decided to go out, that was exciting. (Hopefully you can sense my sarcasm through your screen) So the icing got a little crazy while I tried to keep it as cool as possible! But I was happy with how it turned out, and he was too which is all that matters to me.

He loved his cake, and it tasted amazing! I don’t always get to taste the finished product since they usually go towards a client, but this one I was more then happy to get a slice of! I had a wonderful say with him, and I can only hope he had a wonderful birthday!!


I love you Patrick, and I feel so blessed to be able to help you celebrate your birthday!! xoxox







Photo Credit: Patrick Burke Photography



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