Roger Rabbit Birthday Cakes – June 2014


I was very honored when I was contacted to make not one, but two cakes for a little boy’s first birthday party! not only was it the fact that I got to make two cakes, but they are Roger Rabbit themed cakes! How fun is that? I really stepped my game up this the big one above, I used RKT (rice krispie treat) for the cartoon buildings and first covered them in chocolate and fondant afterwards. The cake is half chocolate, half vanilla. Covered in vanilla icing, and everything on this cake was edible except the lamppost. 


Roger himself was a cake topper provided by the client, which really just made the cake perfect! 


The second cake was for the kid to dig into himself, so that’s why I covered it in only icing, with roger being the only fondant accents. That way he could really dig his fingers into it! This cake was red velvet (one of my favorite recipes) with vanilla icing tinted blue. I had a blast making these cakes, not only did it make me step out of my comfort zone, but the fact that I was the one they asked to help make his first birthday just a little extra special was a blessing all in itself! The client was very happy with how they turned out, and I can only hope everyone else enjoyed it too! 

Image  Thanks to everyone who has followed my journey so far, and I can’t wait to keep sharing it                                                                             as my story unfolds! xoxo


Photo Cred: Patrick Burke Photography


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