Seester’s Birthday Cupcakes – May 2014


So today is my older sister’s birthday and I cannot express how lucky I am to have a sister like her in my life! She’s someone who really loves to experience life, and makes friends wherever she goes! Every time we get together it’s like no time has passed, and we pick off where we leave off, it’s always fun to hangout, whether it’s going out and doing things, or just hanging out at home with my little fur niece! I made these cupcakes for her, because I am the BEST SISTER EVER 😀 haha, but seriously it’s because I kinda like her.

The cupcakes are homemade from the cupcake, to the icing. I did not make the cupcake liners, unfortunately I’m not at that level yet 😉 They care red velvet cupcakes (my fav) with vanilla icing. Dyed black, and half white to give it a little definition. I then used an edible silver spray to top them off with a little extra shine. They turned out delicious and super cute, not to mention my seester loved them, which is the most important part! 


I had a fun time making these sweet cupcakes, and I can only hope my sister has a wonderful birthday today! I love you seester, and I can’t wait to make you more sugary sweets until we’re old and I forget how to make them, so I’ll make mud pies instead! 






Photo Cred: Patrick Burke Photography


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