NASA Moon Birthday Cake – April 2013


For a special little boy’s 5th birthday party, I created an out of this world moon cake, featuring a few astronauts, and of course an alien.  🙂  It’s a simple multiple layer chocolate cake, covered in vanilla frosting tinted grey. All made from scratch of course! The board is covered in fondant, featuring some stars, and edible luster spray to give it a little extra shine. I had a blast making this for the party, and it seemed to be a big hit!! 



Photo Cred: Patrick Burke Photography


Cucumber Birthday Cake – April 2014


My manager’s birthday was coming up, and so that means a cake was in order. For his birthday I made a cucumber cake, inspired by Veggie Tales! He’s sporting a name tag, and Burberry inspired tie. It was a vanilla cake, dyed green, covered with vanilla frosting. The cake itself was an inside joke but he very much enjoyed it 🙂  A simple, yet fun cake for both myself to make, and for the entertainment of everyone else! 


Photo Cred:Patrick Burke Photography