Melted Snowmen (and women) cookies – Christmas 2013



So, for Christmas I made a new, and improved batch of melted snowmen, and women cookies. The cookie, is a simple, made from scratch sugar cookie mix, with the classic white cookie frosting. I used new techniques that I’ve slowly began to pick up with all of my new baking/decorating experiments. These are always fun to make, and there’s really no wrong way to make these! For one of the snowmen I did put a little yellow snow on him, just because I thought it was funny. “Don’t eat the yellow snow!” is one of the oldest, and well known sayings/advice we give to children. I baked these for my holiday potluck at work, and I think they enjoyed them. (: 

I used fondant for the scarves, gloves, and carrot noses. I used a toothpick and food dye for the arms, and buttons. I used a gourmet food writer for the eyes, mouths, and any eyelashes needed.  

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their holidays, I know I enjoyed mine! 




Photo Cred: Patrick Burke Photography


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